He's Engaged and I'm Alone...Well Kinda. Book 2.

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It's been three months. Dorinda back on earth and with her parents. She should be happy, right? Well, she isn't. She's depressed. Lonely. Breaking contact with the world when she's not working. 
    Dorinda misses Lucas and everyone she knew in Shadow Coven. Even her new-born vampire best friend, Kayla. Dorinda now has to deal with people harassing her with her return. 
    What's worse, someone is stalking her and she doesn't know who. 
    When Dorinda learns Lucas is getting married and that's the reason she hasn't seen him yet, she pissed off and more depressed. But she can't help but still love him when he visits her that very night. 
    Dorinda becomes friends with a co-worker, Cain. He's funny, cocky, and nice and wants to help Dorinda get her life back together; even if it's taking her to a party or just spending time with her. 
    But when he gets hurt by a werewolf, she's confused about what will happen to him and his safety. What's worse, she is spending more time with him then Lucas since when Lucas does visit her more, they always end up fighting. 
    Can Dorinda be with Lucas? Can they make a forbidden relationship work? Can she handle loosing Lucas to Lena, his fiancee?
    - - - 
    Book One Is Called I Owed The Vampire Prince
    Third Book Is Called The Vampire Prince And Me
Not to be mean or something like that but  its 'they're fine'...... you can only use their when like something belongs to them
loved the first!!!!!!!!!
                                    hope this one too rocksssssssssssss
I hope the author explains why she is havin so many headaches. She had a ton of em in the first book too
o my gosh my heart has broken! stupid boys,can't live em but can't live without em....ya know cause we need to reproduce lol
                                    When I say this book I got so sad
great story loved reading it.... now to start on the 3rd one