We Have Chemistry ( A Student/Teacher Relationship)-chapters 1-5 being rewritten

What would you do if you were the wife of your Chemistry teacher. Well that is what Raquelle life is like. When her friends decide that she should spend her seventeenth birthday in Vegas, she has too many to drinks and things start to get out of control. She wakes up next to Lium Well, a gorgeous young man,she met in a club, only to find out she was married to him. She thought she could get out of it because she would never see his face again. When Monday morning came rolling around,everyone is talking about the young hot new Chem. teacher. She finds out that he is her newlywed husband. Then they are told that there is a chance that their marriage might be valid. What will Mr. and Mrs. Well do when their marriage as to be kept as secret because of Raquelle's age and because of Lium's career. Not your typical Student/Teacher love story
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why on earch would you go at 17 and they're gonnema get people in trouble lying about their age. I just hope none of them sleep with anyobe
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the dedication, baby! I do love love love this story! Great update! Can't wait for the next one!!! You rock! Channy <3
Holy macaroni, this is bloody brilliant!! =D
Hey, could ya read mine and temme how it is? =3
i loved this! it was really interesting, and the concept sounds really good. great start-voted
LOl my parents would never let me go to vegas at 17 :P LOOVE the story cant wait to go on to the 2nd chapter!
I love love love student/teacher love stories, I can tell this is going to be awesome

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