One Direction Preferences and Imagines

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nostalgiahoran By nostalgiahoran Completed
A bunch of preferences and imagines about One Direction.  Thanks for reading. x
name: alex 
                                    eye color ;baby blue
                                    hair color;black
                                    boy;liam payne
                                     please make me an imagine
is that supposed to say I or is the other one supposed to say your
Name: Daisy
                                    Eye Color: brown
                                    Hair Color: green and brown
                                    Boy: Niall and Liam
                                    dirty please
Name : johanna
                                    eye color : black
                                    hair color : black
                                    boy; louis tomlinson 
                                    tnx. Pls. Make me an imagine / preference
Name: Chris (short for Christina)
                                    Eye color: brown
                                    Hair color: black (died purple at the ends)
                                    Boy: Harry
                                    Dirty please
                                    Eye color : blue
                                    Hair color :Blond with blue at end