In Love With A Thug

Mia Victor is in love with a thug, but not just any thug, her twin sisters thug. Would the love for her sisters boyfriend be her downfall? Mya Victor is outspoken, confident and love spending her boyfriends money. When the money get to her head, and she end up making the wrong decisions, would it lead to her downfall? Mya and Mia never really got along. When everything takes a turn for the worse, will it be Mia depending on Mya? Or Mya depending on Mia? Dre is the thug both girls love. Everybody whose anybody want his head, but none has the guts to step up to him. Will his past finally catch up to him? ---> Not Edited <----- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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Wtf is up with Bobby is he a gay??Like what that ain't cool if shawty gotta wear the pants in da relationship. Not good at all
Bobby has something wrong with him if he doesn't really want to do many thing with Mia. Is he on the d-low?
I think bobby is gay, and she does not need to go home because if I was in ha position I would want to stay plus champagn is sexy!!!!!
How come you left us hanging for so long? Im still waiting patiently but I love your story!  Keep  up the good work!
Omg girl u need to update like asap. I love this book. I bet ole dude gone try n save her n she aint gonna wanna go back home BUT UPDATE!!
I'm still waiting for an update on this story..... I really wanna knw wat happened

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