Hidden Seekers *On Hold*

I'm not going to lie, getting dreams like these aren't normal. Who else goes to bed every night and watches murders unfold? At least, I think he kills them. The person raises his finger to their pulsing veins and presses down. Through his finger, their youth drains. Eyes that held the promise of life lose their former twinkle. Children, teenagers; everyone falls for his beauty. But when he's around, I find my heart thumping, the butterflies in my stomache erupting-and I don't know why. I’ve tried to ignore him, but it’s difficult when he always seems to be in my head. There is something connecting us, a buzz, a voice. Sometimes I feel as though I am slowly losing my sanity. I'm spiraling into something and I'm worried I can't crawl back out. In the end,I have to fight the pull, the need to be with him. He may have won the affections of everyone he has met, I can't be one of them. Every moment with him just adds to the bond that was set by the fates. With a secretly brewing war, a missing student, and fatal attraction, it will be a miracle if I survive this year.
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ur such a great writer!!! seriously though, u've got me hooked and i've only read to second chapter yet, WOW!!!
Great writing, everything was described to perfection, and your characters are really well developed(: I love the way this flows(:
Thankz so much! I was having a hard time following but it all good now. :)) @simmcha1
Why do all the evil girls have Victoria as there name? DO i look evil!? lol i like it, just, why are all the chapters mixed up?
You are amazing at character development and details about the scenery. I am for sure reading more! Xx
Lol. I think I'm gonna like Skye - and not just because of who plays him ;) It was really descritptive (spelling error??) and good. :)

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