Crazy Love ( Punk Harry Styles fan fiction )

Jade was a smart goody goody. Her friends would never see her doing anything bad. Shes never drank or smoked or had a boyfriend. She was picky and wanted a guy like her. Harry was a bad boy. He would skip class just for a smoke or just ditch. Jade never thought she would be caught up with a guy like this. Will they even try to be closer? Read to find out thanks! :D
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The description sounds like me... but I'm a Gemini and my second half is apparently Iggy - according to my friends xDDD
and omg not trying to be rude but your grammar needs to be improved and you are writing shortcuts doesn't work its annoying like 'c' instead 'see' no no
OMG! ONLY READ LIKE 4 CHAPTERS AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!It really keeps me wanting more and i love punk harry !
You're an okay writer but It would be better If you used correct capitalization.
is English your second language? I think that you should just re-read yur chapters before uploading and don't use as many abbreviations. but great story!

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