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Shanell Collins HesMines By Shanell Collins HesMines Updated 7 months ago
"Into the Abyss of MidNight"

Here are some of Donte's darkest and most confused moments....
And a few more deleted scenes of Donte from

all will be in his POV and decidedly more vulgar and gritty than those in the original book
I am so obsessed with midnight and snowflake I keep reading this over and over.....this is just so good.....patiently waiting on my updates
This chapter was amazing girl! Wow it had me lost in it and pulling for him a lot. (He's hot) ;-))
Donte is WOW! he cooked for his mother there's more to him than anything else. She will fight for him I know it. They live each other dearly :) Donte to the public!