The Robber Knight

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Robert Thier By RobThier Completed
When you are fighting for the freedom of your people, falling in love with your enemy is not a great idea. Or is it? Ayla has to defend her castle and her people all on her own, with nobody to help her but a dark warrior she hates with all her heart.
are they all handsome and cruel ?
                                    man life isnt fair !!!!or is it fiction isnt fair ?.ugh whatever
just seen it . omg this thing looks like those tools in saw movie
slow down big boy .i wonder what your master will think about that ?!!!
were people in the past that innocent !! the world sure changes !!!ALOT
This reminds me of Jericho, when they were going to blow up the bridge to stop the enemy from invading their town, as the bridge was the only way into the town. But there were farms on the other side of the bridge whom had to be persuaded to leave their homes behind.
I've always wondered that. B.C. was a simple, 'before Christ' so why did they have to go all Latin on A.D.