The Robber Knight

When you are fighting for the freedom of your people, falling in love with your enemy is not a great idea! Sir Reuben the dreaded robber knight – Ayla swore he would hang for his crimes. Now they are both stuck in her castle as the army of a far greater enemy approaches, and have only one chance: stand together, or fall. Welcome to 'The Robber Knight' – a tale full of action, adventure and romance.
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It really blew out my standards of the books i read i think thus has no need foot improvement
you make that sound so casual. *shivers* and nice first chapter and thanks for the glossary. I have zero knowladge about the dark ages
@itsmeblairhoopsy agree. heck now it's common to see people marry at the age of 30
eh? 1234 AD it was like being accustomed getting laid at prepubescent stage??? Unaware of  psychiatric disorder called pedophilia???
Nice job so far, friend. Reading is one of my favorite things to do and now I have something else to sink my teeth into. Keep up the good work!
As professionaly written as published stories on the market.  got me hooked on the first chapter, next please?

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