Falling for the Enemy - Dramione ***Completed and being edited***

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    In the past, one of the biggest mistakes that a Gryffindor could make was fall for a Slytherin and one of the biggest mistakes that a Slytherin could make was fall for a ‘mud blood’. The rule seemed to have now faded away for everyone except the Death Eaters- including Lucius Malfoy.
    It’s been two years after the great Wizarding War at Hogwarts and students are returning for Advanced Magic classes. Slowly but surely, Hermione and Draco are starting to notice the light in each other. With time comes friendship and a little more than friendship.  A bond of faith, trust and love is created between them that a few people still disapprove of.
    But will everything that they have or ever could have had be destroyed because of one little lie that turned into a reality? Some love stories were never meant to be...
    Copyright © 2011 BibiFatti
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@AshtonsBlueBandana I know ;)  u should check out my Dramione fanfic : Black Roses Red :D
@percyjacksonlover001 it was atypo... out was supposed to say "now"
@JulieVandemoere "Oh, did you hear? Lockharts writing a new book! I'm pleased to hear hes getting some of his memory back!"
                                    "Oh, he is!? He is absolutely stunning. He was my son's D.A.D.A. teacher in his second year!"
                                    "Wow, mine too! Lockhart's such a sweetheart. Pity what happened to him." 
Yes they would be twenty because starting at the age of eleven +seven years means they leave hogwarts at 18 even though in the wizarding world they're legally adults. Therefore two years after they would all be twenty
Wait she said they are not back in Hogwarts? but the next paragraphs says they are?! what?
I read the 2nd book by mistake.. Now I feel like I know everything ._.