Dangerous Tension (LGBT - Sci-Fi - Romance)

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elveloy By elveloy Completed
Spaceship captain Matthews has kept his sexuality a secret. What happens when the crew finds out?  is Lieutenant Kent as straight as he always believed?  Will he hit him or kiss him, or both?  Aurigan Space Series Book One
rubyel05 rubyel05 4 months ago
It's like the 21st century right now. They still have problems with said 'om's' 'till then (is this futuristic or is it in the past 'cause I'm plain confused) (love the story so far)
SkylarSaitou SkylarSaitou a year ago
Holy snap. That's all I've got to say other than I'm already in love with this book.
Out_of_Order Out_of_Order 2 years ago
@elveloy My votes for all your glorious space operas keep disappearing (wattpad glitch? I knew I hadn't forgotten to vote the first time around! :) ... Does the overall number of votes tend to fluctuate at all?
Out_of_Order Out_of_Order 2 years ago
I read this aaaaages ago and am not quite sure how I forgot to vote...... but fear not! I'm going through all your fantastic stories to make sure I've voted now :)
thechesman thechesman 2 years ago
Well I love Si-Fi, and I realy like the way this story started. I can't wait to read more ;')
RainyTruth RainyTruth 2 years ago
All of your stories so far are man x man but what about woman x woman? It's tougher but I'm curious.. You did say there was woman single sex ships :P maybe one more in your space series then? It wouldn't have to be long, 20 chapters would be fine or even less!