Cinderella vs. Prince Charming

Darren dropped the note addressed to the “Prince Charming wannabe” and announced “Well then Cinderella, I propose a game. If I win, you must come away with me. If you win, I leave and never return. The game itself is this: I have to find you.”
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This story is awesome!!! I rrally love this twist to the whole Cinderella story! You are a really talented writer!:)
how did valerie know that she was the princess he was looking for ? 
someone plz answer me !
..... My name is cinder......and someone named Darren has a crush on me... IM SO READING THIS!!
I don't know why it feels weird reading this great story just because the one of the main character and I have the same name.
been searching for a good book for aagggeess...well I've finally found one! Yayayay! xox
@LaurenDMSmith yeah i figured but when ever i read a really great book i always write questions i have down ;)

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