The Dark Side to Facebook.

When Lucas's partner is murdered by a group of teenagers, he finds revenge by meeting girls on facebook then luring them to meet him- he then kills them brutaly then uses a part of their body to re-construct his partner again, Lucas is a man who has simpily lost his mind and has facebook to help, although everyone has their secrets both Lucas and Lucy.
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the photo you put for him really suits the descriptions of him!!!lol it to deaths
haha this sounds very creepy but interesting(: a bit gross at the same time. but still interesting. good work(:
The description of this story scares me...but looks like this would a good story.
this is really good! But I think you should have named it Lucy maybe? Idk, it's your story! Xx
this is kind of creepy...but i'm strangely liking it lol! on to the next chappy...
This is so unique! Strange, but in a good way =) How on earth did you think this up?! You're a really good writter by the way.

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