Heritage #Wattys2014

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Bertiebert By Bertiebert Completed
Meet Elle Bale, an average run of the mill college student. Or so it may seem. Her real name is Adabelle Gabriel and she is the daughter of an Angel King. However she is also the daughter of a Fallen Angel Demon. Follow her life as she tries to control the evils of the world whilst battling her own demons and trying to finish college without getting anyone killed. 

Demons are always one step ahead.
charcoalveins charcoalveins 3 years ago
Interesting start, I will definately continue reading when I have time.
MarineLynn MarineLynn 3 years ago
You created a lot of suspense! You hooked the reader with the mystery and suspense. Great job! Voted*
TakiraMaine TakiraMaine 3 years ago
Great job I like it because it is original keep writing I think it's great also because you had great details
ChantelleAmeena ChantelleAmeena 3 years ago
Wow, within such a short passage you describe the scene so well! I didn't find anything wrong with this. This is beautifully written!<3
JayDee56 JayDee56 3 years ago
Really interesting start, makes me wanna read more. (:
xXjolie53Xx xXjolie53Xx 3 years ago
i like it it calls for the attention also i like the cover is really nice and everything so far that i had read i like it, maybe i will put it on my library :)