Spies Lie Best (RE-WRITING)

*IMPORTANT* I suggest you don't reading this just yet as I am re-writing the first couple of chapters and there may be big differences. If you have already started reading my book I ask oh so very kindly, that after I'm finished you can go back and read it because there might be parts that may change the part you are up to. Thanks. "Leo?" I spluttered. "Mia" his voiced had changed, it was sharper, rougher. It wasn't him at all. "Wh-what happened to y-you?"my words getting mumbled. "I'm not me anymore Mia" he whispered. "Then who are you?" my voiced cracked, a tear slid down my cheek. "A spy" He reached behind his back and brought out a black shiny gun. "What are you doing?" the tears were flowing down my cheeks now. "What I have to do."He growled. He held it up, his hands shaking. "N-"protests were muffled by a load bang. Amelia was normal. That's all she thought. She thought she was just an average teenage girl who was trying to get through high school alive. Little did she know, she was the daughter of two world famous spies. Or that she held the information that, if fell into the wrong hands, could destroy the entire planet. But most of all that she would be running back into people and things from here past that could destroy her. But that's just the bad side. Every story has the good to balance out the evil. But the good just happens to be a spy school in England, where she meets new friends, new interests and maybe and OLD love. Amelia never expected any of this. But she got through it. And you know how in know? This is the story about me. And one thing I've learnt through my hole experience this year is that spies lie best.
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LOVING IT!!! :D A few spelling mistakes here and there, but otherwise you're really good!! :D UPLOAD!!! ASAP!!!  :D xD

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