His Chamber's

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Simone By Explode Updated a year ago
It was a tragedy that brought them together but it was convenience that kept them together.  A story of love, forgiveness and passion. Can Nathaniel Chambers mend Scarlett's twisted heart? Or more importantly will Scarlett ever let him get close enough to try.
That totally just caught me off guard but in the best way possible. I read it and then had to reread it to make sure I read it right
@Demiii- i know, its pretty hard to find like this its'unique'
this is the first time im reading a book with a beginning like this,its good,i like it
When I read, I talk out loud... in public I just yelled, "No, get out b*tch D:" I have to work on that.
If you don't know what dark romance means, should you be reading this? It means not cheesy romantic, more like secrets lies bad stuff.
Instead? Not the spelling or grammar police.. Just want to help