His Chamber's

It was a tragedy that brought them together but it was convenience that kept them together. A story of love, forgiveness and passion. Can Nathaniel Chambers mend Scarlett's twisted heart? Or more importantly will Scarlett ever let him get close enough to try.
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Arent the police coming to take her statement?? And wont they be able to tell if shes doing drugs??
It's not your fault. You both had problems. You can't take care of someone else if you can barely take care of yourself.
oh sweet baby Bob. that poor girl!! if my sister killed herself I don't no what I would do.
I found you on wattpad ages after I read RBAOC and it has hands down one of the best books I've read. Your writing as always, even years after amazes me
For being speechless, she sure did handle this situation good. I liked this scene
Wow, I only saw up to season 3 of G.G. Obviously I need to get back to it. 

Hell I'd marry a hot stranger who saved my life.

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