Blood and Bound

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Leseanna21 By Leseanna21 Updated 3 years ago
Leseanna is a 17 year old girl, she and her twin brother Landon are about to find out that monsters exist not just in our imaginations. They are destined to suffer and then conquer all before their next birthday! Gifted with visions and charisma that pulls others to them they will find themselves thrust into a violent world with no way to turn back.
diehardwriter21 diehardwriter21 3 years ago
Great job! Very nice descriptions and details! There's aren't any mistakes that I found except for one. Where you have "turned on her heal and began to walk away", you have the wrong word for "heal". It should be spelled "heel". Just saying. lol 

Great job otherwise!.
Alohomora Alohomora 3 years ago
the only thing that disappointed was the shortness of the chapter. anyways i love your choice of names and your cast is worth drooling
Alohomora Alohomora 3 years ago
Its awesome. Though I ain't a vampire fan stories on wattpad, i think there is this iky picky feeling that tells me that this story is gonna be good. Good start so far. Love the name leseanna. Its unique and stylish :)
tinakilgore tinakilgore 3 years ago
it's kind of short, you have very admirable details and i love that! well done.
xxxKarinn xxxKarinn 3 years ago
:-) good second chapter. 
:-) bit of a cliched start, but not a cliche finish, nuh uh
xxxKarinn xxxKarinn 3 years ago
well written but short! ha ha but it's a good kinda short as it makes you feel the need to read on more :-) a great starter