My Dimension Ninjas (a Naruto fanfic) -HIATUS-

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_Ruka-Pyon By _Ruka-Pyon Updated 2 years ago
[Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Naruto characters in this fanfic! I only own Alix!]  Alix was walking home from another ordinary day at school, when suddenly out of nowhere a white light had flashed before her eyes. Before she knew it she was pinned to the ground by an orange blob. That blob happened to be Naruto. She then realizes that some of the Naruto characters had landed in our dimension. Let the adventure BEGIN!
cloudwolves012 cloudwolves012 2 years ago
COOKIE! I want a cookie now oh we'll. Anyways great story it was awsome!!!
ShanianChick96 ShanianChick96 3 years ago
*had been dressed in a giant cookie suit*
*runs away spedy fast when reads 2nd to last line of you comment.*
O.o *hummmms* No, I'm not a cookie, why do you ask?
koreauchiha koreauchiha 3 years ago
freaking love it! what happens next? write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE? MUST READ MORE!  0.0 is deidara and gaara going to kill orochimaru? does anyone remember the time they all spent together in alix's dimension? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!
soitgoesthatslife soitgoesthatslife 3 years ago
@Ruka-Pyon Yay!!  Can't wait!!!!!!!!!  Yes, yes they are. :)
soitgoesthatslife soitgoesthatslife 3 years ago
This is great so far!!!!!!!  You have to upload like soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you soooo much for dedicating this to me!!!!!!!!  I love hugs too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  Hug are awesome, almost as awesome as cookies, almost. lol :)