Executioner's Daughter

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Danielle Barnett By Moonshine35 Updated 4 years ago
Most Rhoecian children lookup to knights and legends of old but fifteen year old Hans, with his strong sense of justice and open empathy, admires the warriors that the citizens deem as cursed, the peace-keepers called Executioners, particularly the high-ranking member nicknamed Bellona the War Goddess.
    Though far from being bloodthirsty, Hans is ecstatic when he is assigned as his hero's apprentice but will soon find out what about his country of Rhoez and heroes have been hidden from his sheltered life.
    The number one rule about being an Executioner: take no prisoners...just their heads.
Your writing is full of vivid details. I see it all, and you switch between current action and memories flawlessly.
Wow I am really enjoying this, which is great considering I'm not big into fantasy style works. You are doing a great job of keeping the energy up throughout the story, and I like how you string your dialogues together! This is interesting and your a pretty darn good writer! :)
I love this story!!! It's amazing and mysterious and I love your wording. Can't wait for more!!!