Dark and Dangerous Love

(18+ Only) 2438. The world is different now. Ruled by the monsters of the supernatural world; a world where Vampires are the highest of highs and humans are nothing but objects of pleasure and food to the immortal beings. All Evelyn Blackburn wanted was freedom. Something that she used to possess, but not anymore; not since the day that Zayn laid his eyes on her. How can you escape from the oldest vampire in existence, the most powerful creature alive and the King of the most powerful race ever to walk the Earth? You can't. She belonged to him, whether she like it or not. But her heart lay with another, and before Evelyn knew it, she was a rose stuck between two thorns. Violence and danger lingered around her. (This will contain scenes of violence and sexual nature. Be warned. 18+ Only)
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would mean so much if you guys just read mine and tell me what do you think about it
the trailer is amazing! i don't really like 1D, but this book is really good so far! ^^
I have to say I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!! I haven't finished yet but what I've read is AMAZING!!!!!! You have got some talent girl! I LOVE IT!
OMG, I'm already in love with this story... if someone lives to meet them in year 2438, tell them I said hello ♥!!
@KittyCatKarla  plz go and look at my new book change and tell me how I'am doing

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