Barely A Mother [A Teen Pregnancy Story]

Jody Black. The girl who made one mistake that changed her life completely. Her teenage life was focused on celebrity crushes and the worries of school, but that normal life was turned upside down when a one night stand with her crush changed everything. The daily routine was daydreaming about him but can you imagine what would happen if one of those daydreams not only came true, but went further than you could have ever thought possible!
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Why dose every one of these books have the girl fall in love with her brothers best friend.
dang.well you know that saying making out turns to sex but i didn't think it would happen so fast
odfndafoasinfoa. ANDREW sndoidsnfso!!!!! This is going to get crazy, i can see it now! This is awesome!
ahah that last part "and then i realized i was standing there in my bra!" made me bust out laughinh! XD I can't.
Loving it so far please take a read and vote/comment on my first and only story right now called high school.
and he's going to have sex with her and pretend it never happened and be a jerk.. huh. especially since its illegal to have sex with her

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