Barely A Mother [A Teen Pregnancy Story]

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Gemma By XxTiCkLe-xX Completed
Jody Black. The girl who made one mistake that changed her life completely.
    Her teenage life was focused on celebrity crushes and the worries of school, but that normal life was turned upside down when a one night stand with her crush changed everything.
    The daily routine was daydreaming about him but can you imagine what would happen if one of those daydreams not only came true, but went further than you could have ever thought possible!
You don't have to put so many exclamation points  just a little tip from one writer to another it's just supposed to be one every few paragraphs that's what my teachers have taught ms
 and dont forget children that that's the sentence you hear before you get pregnant. have a nice day 
I don't care that its a 3 year age difference but I don't like how its illigal.. if it was 17 and 18 I wouldn't mind
Firstly, that's not really a good thing to say, secondly what a first kiss you had...
no they are both in high school so its fine it would be of a 18year and a 10 did but other wise no
well damn my first kiss was weird and awkward. yours was the whole home run..