Faeries At My Door

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_XxxFragileHeartxxX By _XxxFragileHeartxxX Updated 2 years ago
Ryver Karollyn Gwyn needs to get away from her family. In her life, she has slowly seen the number of people in her family die or leave to never been seen or heard of again. Her Grandfather explains to her that it’s their family curse that causes this. 

To Ryver, that’s all bullshit. It’ because of their old hippy-dippy, old Scottish ways that is to blame. Not only that, but being old fashioned in a busy city really gets on her nerves and she’s not afraid to speak her mind about it. 

She feels stuck in her own family. But when Ryver’s Grandfather dies when she’s eighteen, she’s given the chance for her dreams. Deep in the old country, is the Gwyn family house. For years, it’s been in her family, but family from every generation has refused to live in it. 

When Ryver moves in, she’ll finally understand why. The house itself holds a thousand secrets, but it’s the forest outside that hold the biggest secret of all.
GraceChin GraceChin 3 years ago
oh wow, this is really interesting :D
everyone in her family dies at age 27!? your story has got my attention! voted!
MidnightMadnessx MidnightMadnessx 3 years ago
Wow, the plot sounds amazing and very mysterious :) Can't wait for more ><
PicturexxPerfect PicturexxPerfect 3 years ago
i think that this book is UNIQUE!! it's so cool and I love the protogists name! It's really cool! Thnx 4 uploading it and sharing it with us!
Jessiytots Jessiytots 3 years ago
This is an amazing start. I found for one thing that it was very easy to read and has a mysterious edge. I do think it could be used as a blurb, but it really is amazing!
Anaylia Anaylia 3 years ago
This is very descriptive and yet also mysterious. It's very interesting since as soon as I read, I have so many question that want to be answered about the curse, and the character too. Also of course, what happens next ;) Very well done and will continue reading!
TinyTwill TinyTwill 3 years ago
I've never heard the name Ryver, it's pretty cool. It's quite mysterious which I quite enjoy. It has me very intrigued. I don't usually read faerie stories as I don't find the as interesting but this is very good. I look forward to reading more! :)