That's the Way I Loved You

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AimeeShaye By AimeeShaye Completed
chasidy goes away for the summer to Tennessee and meets a boy named Hunter who seems completely perfect.  No one knows what Hunter actually is until Chasidy brings it to their attention.  Will she stay or will she go?
LMdaydreamer LMdaydreamer 3 years ago
nice story.. it really moves my feelings.. I hope that it has book 2.. ^__^
keymore keymore 3 years ago
It was good but there were many short and choppy sentences....all you really need to work on is that though so keep up the good work :)
Draculasdaughter Draculasdaughter 3 years ago
Mmm spaghetti...very nice story:-) the first chapter is long by wattpad standards though...but very nice:-)
hennalucas hennalucas 3 years ago
@dreamwriting2611 oooh, I see.  lol, *facepalm* that explains it.  Sorry, I'm a total dumbass tonight.  Great work, though!
hennalucas hennalucas 3 years ago
So far, this seems pretty entertaining!  Just a suggestion, nine pages is a LONG chapter on Wattpad; I would suggest splitting it in half, just to make it seem less daunting.  Besides for some grammatical errs and a few punctuation problems, this seems pretty solid.
xoxo Helen
UnDeadDaydream UnDeadDaydream 3 years ago
I like it! :D
Ive been to Tn before. im actually in tn right now