Zayn Malik ( Dirty Imagine )

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Warning : Sex - arousing ✔
Ayuzayn Ayuzayn 2 months ago
Umm. This is the imagination I was talking about. You read it? If not better read because TEHEHEHE!
tommo_bro tommo_bro 2 months ago
@Ayuzayn your comment made me laugh so freaking hard. OMG HAHAHAHAHAHHA
Taylorsavluvs1D Taylorsavluvs1D a year ago
I thought this was totally funny cause my name is Taylor and my friends call me Tay
samikhasomu samikhasomu a year ago
I liked it but u shouldve not put tay cause we imagines ours
elves in that place so its hard and feel bad

So next time put y/n
GillianEslera GillianEslera 2 years ago
so yeah "tay" then the first thing that came into my mind was taylor swift haha