Once In The Romantic City

[This story has not yet been edited to its fullest.] Second novel from the Secret Lover trilogy. My New Neighbor, My Secret Lover #1 Once In The Romantic City #2 Description: After losing the love of her life, and herself, Mariah felt she had no reasons to live, but she had no other choice but to. She might have been forced to continue living this life without him, but there's one thing you might have forgotten about her; she loves to travel. It is a couple of years later, Mariah should be in college, but she chooses to travel the world instead much to her parents' chagrin. Will she encounter a stranger on her adventurous paths? Who will this stranger be? Will he be one of those strangers that she just might happen to make a deal with? A deal that might lead her to something or someone she never expected to find? Follow her on her journey to finding the unexpected. WARNING This story will have adult content, therefore, ones underage should not attempt to read. Copyright © 2012
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I'll read this after it is completed but i sincerely hope that Mike and her will find their way back to each other :') x
I don't even think they know each other. I think all they know was how one person fuck
Update!!! I love this story!!! Can't wait till see what happens!!! Would she get pregnant and Adams will think its his?!?! :o that would be awesome...
I'm very sad abt how this chapter turned out 
 Ugh! Why can't they just b together!!
I absolutely looved the first book. I read it in two hours and now I am seriously looking forward to this one. You are a great writer
PLease please update soon. Im dying to know what happens next

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