True Beauty

High school. For some, it includes some of the best days of their lives. Others, however, find that they are lucky to survive. Nikki Sullivan is one of the people who would be happy simply to survive. Every day is a struggle for her as she is viciously bullied. Day after day, she is told that she is worthless, fat, ugly... She is called a monster, and worse.. Unfortunately for her, it becomes so constant that she begins to believe in the lies. But then, there is Trenton Freeman. Trenton is an average guy; average friends, average grades. He is a decent guy, and gets along well with most people. But then, he runs into Nikki. Will he be able to stop Nikki from believing the lies that she is constantly confronted with? Will he be able to bring hope to Nikki when she feels that there is none? Will he be able to  make her realize just how beautiful she truly is, even when he is outnumbered? Who will Nikki believe- Trenton, one guy, or what seems to her like the rest of the high school? Will Trenton be able to help her before she loses all hope and it's too late, or will Nikki give up on everything? Can Trenton save Nikki?
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Pretty great, I can relate to it and I understand the message :)
Update it more, your work is pretty great :)
You do not need to improve one bit! This is AMAZING and contains a beautiful message :D♥
There's this one word that's kinda been glued :P Everdate. Haaha, try spacing it out.
I like this POV, it's unique. Keep it up.
This drew me in right away. This book led me through the range of emotions the main character was feeling. I like that about a book. x) Keep it up.
I like the chapter! I'm gonna keep reading :) But everytime I click on chapter 2 it leads back to chapter 1. :s
This is sad. I'm gonna write a message to my fans and ask them to read this. Great start! :)

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