Dawn - A twilight Fanfiction

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_ForeverWeWillBe By _ForeverWeWillBe Updated 2 years ago
50 years had passed since Edward Cullen left Bella Swan.
Bella, being turned into a vampire, returns to Forks in hopes of turning over a new leaf. And what better place for new beginnings than the place where it all started?
But the Cullens are back too. Will love blossom? Or will it be the end of Bella and Edward?
Sassie_Tase Sassie_Tase 2 years ago
Doesnt suck fa me! I like it so far.. Doesnt have this *dadada dada bla bla bla* edge to it like some i'v read. Actually 
leavs me wantin to kno wats gonna happen next
LeonaBowman LeonaBowman 4 years ago
it is cute..  You got to have a little homor..  I m reading the rest.  YOu got me interested..  not bad for being 12..  can't wait to read the rest..  
xLittleMonstahX xLittleMonstahX 4 years ago
Lol it's good :P but pfffft didn't they kill Victoria in Eclipse? XD lol continue =))
Ira-Jane Ira-Jane 4 years ago
It isn't bad. Quite interesting actually I really want to know what comes next!!!!!!!! sooooooo WRITE WRITE TYPE!!