"GANG RAPE" (it's a love story) ©JF™ [Fin]

Have you ever been so desperate that you have to live with a stranger? Will you consider it as a blessing in disguise? Falling in love is never a choice... ENJOY the TWisT Of a NOT so ordinary Love Story. WARNING: This book contains violence and mature contents. Readers discretion is adviced. © Jamille Fumah | All Rights Reserved | 2013 Firts published at some Facbook pages last 2012. Revised now for Wattpad version.
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Ahhm h! P0h pwede p0h bang makah!ngi ng uncut c0py ng "gang rape (its a l0ve st0ry)" ang ganda p0h kc eh...
i cant read the chapter 3....it says 'its editing' where i can read the whole story? update me pls
@sheichua  aaah  ,, yup ';'; nabasa kona puh sia :)) hihi 
       tapos kuna po din  ito basahin .. ,, :))
@mAhaLq03 @mAhaLq03 basahin niyo dinm po kay eos ganda din. pero maganda talga itio!
at first akala ko kung ano... may sense yung story niya and i love stories with twist!
waaaaaaaaahh xD x0bra c0mplicated. .nah ;) nakaka excte . Na p0h xia lalo vaxah!n . . . ;>

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