Sh, Don't Tell Him He's In Love With A Genius

McCeath's; the secret organisation holding some of the smartest people in the world, containing the ever famous Ocyne Liyla; genius writer who the world is desperate to know yet can't even tell you her age. Well it's simple. The secret organisation of code crackers, astronauts, brain surgeons and a writer, is a boarding school in London. Ocyne, at the age of 15, is the second smartest girl in the world, but no one knows her as that title, no. They know her as the famous author of "Sin Paradise", but when a tragic event leaves Ocyne without a guardian, she's forced to presume an alias and leave her life behind. That's where she meets him, the one boy that can read her like an open book. The problem is, as Ocyne well knows, not all books have a happy ending...
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i read this when i was starting 8th grade, but forgot to add it to my reading list and only now found it 4 years later!!
Please write more!! I was gutted when you stopped this book before. Please don't delet it! It's actually my favorite book on wattpad! No joke!
Ive always loved this story my heart breaks each time it geta deleted,, pls carry on writing this.
I LOVE THIS STORY! I'm happy this won't be deleted this time. :D  Update soon please! :)
Thaaannkk yoouuu sammy!!!!!!!! haha, I still love the fact that you said you wouldn't delete this again
love this story :D you should never feel underconfident about your story, it's AWESOME!!!!!

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