Do it like a Mafia

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_DylanTheMan By _DylanTheMan Updated a year ago
In 1929 America was in middle of the Prohibition, 
The transportation, selling and use of Alcohol was strictly illegal. 
It didn't stop the Mafia. 

When Joey Moretti falls in the the trap just like his Grandfather some years ago, 
He battles with the police, his "brothers" and his real family.
LukeTheLad LukeTheLad 3 years ago
Man, I thought you were cool! 
He's lovely man, silly boy though :D
dipsyz dipsyz 3 years ago
Bloody hell bruv. DAYYUM you can write.
Aww, Joey is sooo........

BADASSS!!! LOL, didya think I was gunna say some soppy gushy shiz 'bout him being 'nice'. 'Low dat.....he's a bloody don and I flubbering LOVE him!
dipsyz dipsyz 3 years ago
Italians. You had me at "The Godfather".
_TooSexyForMyShirt _TooSexyForMyShirt 3 years ago
Fat Tony's in the Simpsons :') Just thought i'd say that...
This is damn awesome mate! I love how detailed it is, and the way he acted around his kids was damn sweet :')
This is just epic.
Soniador Soniador 3 years ago
Love the summary! Though RXF is right.... The summary of characters at the beginning is helpful but uneeded. It's more professional looking to put them in the story itself.
Cherryflossx Cherryflossx 3 years ago
Great descriptions I love the way your started it off and your witting style is very good :)