Its A Funny Story BoyxBoy

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dext16 By dext16 Updated a year ago
Meet Oliver. He's in love with Derrick the only problem is...Derrick is Oliver's STRAIGHT bully. 
Plus Derrick's younger brother is madly in love with Oliver, but Derrick doesnt want his brother being gay so he doesnt let them date. 
So throw in one night full of a hot make out scene and where does it get you. 
A confused Derrick, a lost Oliver, and a determined Dylan. 
Read to see who goes with who :)
eezajmalia eezajmalia 2 years ago
Oooohh.. I think this story's gonna be cute and humourous! :)
Tiggermazz Tiggermazz 2 years ago
This sounds like it will be an awesome story im hooked already Oliver's conversation in his head are funny.:)
yaoimakesmesmile yaoimakesmesmile 3 years ago
lol @
"No. I can say it in Spanish if you want me to. . . .no."
x) funny ahahah
JackieBeast JackieBeast 3 years ago
I like this story already and I can't wait to see where this is going :)
OliGoesMoo OliGoesMoo 3 years ago
My name is Oliver and I'm gay too!! Coincidence ;P
I already love thiiiiiis <3
booknerd29 booknerd29 3 years ago
This is actually really good, i like this sotry already. Great job.