True Slytherin Intentions (Hermione/Draco)

A night at the Malfoy Manner and a new out-look on life backfires on Hermione Granger. As she finally heads back for her final year at Hogwarts, Hermione starts noticing the change in Malfoy and the sudden intentions she begins to have thanks to life's new out lit but as her feelings deepen can she keep hold of the Slytherin Prince? Or might there be more to fear then she knew? Somehow, the forbidden causes Hermione to witness a new world of danger and her Slytherin enemys seem more tuned to it then ever. But does Malfoy feel the same for Hermione? Or was it all just True Slytherin Intentions? Can he cope with the danger that has just broke lose from Azkaban? Can he keep away for her sake? Maybe Hermiones just caused a whole world of hurt to unfold before her eyes.
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@LeeyumsGurl174 Not if you dont live in America. I'm Australian and we actually like the letter u
saucey malfoy and granger wow i'd love to be granger but i wouldn't pull away from the kiss
>:D I love her! Its kinda annoying how suddenly she's changed, but its still good.
thats amazing, its a good story, i want to read more lol. i reckon yours is the best so far ive read.
I'm really not one for DracoxHermione stories, but this seems like it will be pretty decent, so good job <3
i usually dont read potter fanfic, but this one is pretty good, in the way of the plotline...i like to see a darker side of hermione

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