I am excited. My every sense tingles with anticipation. The black door is in front of me, huge and intimidating. I am not afraid.
At least he saved her. Thats the kind of sweet, heroic act everyone loves to read about. :)
There are no words strong enough to express my feelings on this short story, it is simply too good! You are an amazing author, I am thankful that I found this story!
It's quite confusing to understand but once u get it, the story is really good!
I cried! that was so beautiful!
                                    you are an Awesome writer!! :D
I was going to note a capitalization error, "Now He moves away though the mist...," but realized a few words later that the usage is entirely appropriate.
                                    This is a beautiful tale of mercy.
Cool story!  A bit vague and mysterious, but that's just how I like 'em! ;)