Orphan Born

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_AthenaPowers1331 By _AthenaPowers1331 Updated 4 years ago
My life is not one of leisure. It has no "Once Apon A Time" or "Happily Ever Afters". Because when you are a trained weapon of mass destruction for the most powerful group of men in the world, there is no such thing as love, or  Prince Charming;  Especially if he is your partner.
WildCreativeWolf WildCreativeWolf a year ago
You're really good and I love this story. Hope you write some more :)
awesome130 awesome130 3 years ago
One word. AWESOME.You have talent like nobody else. It would be an honor if you could check out my scy-fy story! It's called The Last Chance. Comment and tell me what you think.
iTeddyBear iTeddyBear 4 years ago
I love this story! It's amazing:) I've been reading it all morning and I can't get enough!!
muhammedisiaq muhammedisiaq 4 years ago
being an orpan does not give the room for non achivement but to set a high vision to save other's outside. And to show serious ability of serve your nation and the contnet 
EliseRose EliseRose 4 years ago
This is so good and interesting! Keep writing cant wait to read more. 
TshirtsRin TshirtsRin 4 years ago
@athenapowers1331 holy crapola >_>.... ur summary is like a pie to the face.... i love it!!