Divergent Fanfiction

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Sarah Anhalt By Sarah Anhalt Updated 3 months ago
A Fanfiction about Six/Tris and Four/Tobias going through post-divergent.The war never happened but Al is still dead. Will, and Eric are alive. Unfortunately, I don't own divergent, the amazing  Veronica Roth does.
Blame Five for that one (btw Veronica starts with V and V is the Roman numeral for 5 and 5 is the only thing between 4 & 6.)
Ummmm....... NO! LIAR!!! YOU LIED TO EVERYONE!!! *falls to the floor, sobbing*
True. If one of them was a boy they would probably be together.
I love how they going from like grinding on each other to slow dancing.
N-nn-nnnn NOOOO!! WHY ARE YOU LYING *falls to the floor and sobs uncontrollably*
It would probably be like that if Christina was Chris or tris was Tristan 
Example: Chris and Tris.
Example: Tristan and Christina.