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A Fanfiction about Six/Tris and Four/Tobias going through post-divergent.The war never happened but Al is still dead. Will, and Eric are alive. Unfortunately, I don't own divergent, the amazing Veronica Roth does.
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It would probably be like that if Christina was Chris or tris was Tristan 
Example: Chris and Tris.
Example: Tristan and Christina.
Don't you absolutely love this world. The world of allegiant. Isn't it amazing. (Sarcasm)
unless they knew each other before, maybe they had the same classes and were dating then
The reality is "The killer Veronica Roth does" *SPOILER* i cant believe she kills Tris :,(
I agreed with @DauntlessPansycake46 ! He is not drunk... Yet  i hope he dont do crazy stuff when he is alredy drunk 
LIAR ITS ALL LIES *has an emotional break down and curls up into a ball and sobs*

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