Temper, Temper.

Kai Wolf is a girl whom everyone always underestimates because of her looks and size. at a whopping 4'9" she can kick your ass, she has the temper and witt to add. she has never met anyone who could challenge her at her own game. that is until she meets Ashor Blair. He's the top dog of the town. no one has ever dared challenge him at his own game. until Kai came to town. Now their both butting heads constantly and pissing eachother off excessively. but what kai doesnt know is that ashor has a secret. she's his mate.
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I like this prolouge a lot since it drags me into this story wanting to read more about why this character is so mean and grumpy.
Haha I'm five foot 1 and a half inch exactly but everyone at my school knows I'm tougher than my looks. Haha
Story of my life I'm about 5 foot and all the kids call me small, I sympathize so much and this is an absolutely awesome start.

only read da 1st page, wil read da rest of it l8r.............hav ta go te class............. wel dun vry gud
I do not mind the spelling to me you're an amazing (know its a cliche) writer, my spelling sucks majorly.  Please please please post soon

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