Beg Baby, Beg

'You're here for us, Baby.' He breathed, his teeth gently grazing the tender skin under my throat. He had me weak at my knees, he had me wanting to flee. 'You are our food.' I swallowed anxiously as I tried to free my hands from his solid hold. My lips were quivering, trembling. What was he talking about? 'This institution? It isn't a place for delinquent humans.' He chuckled, inhaling my scent as he rested his head in the crook of my neck. 'You are our Guinea pigs. If we want you, we have you, but if we do have you, we will never leave.' I frowned, he wasn't making sense. Everything was a blur, a crazy fucked up blur. 'Shut up!' I growled, forcing my body against his in attempt to release his hold. 'Just shut up, don't touch me!' I was panicking, hell was I panicking. 'Don't you get it? You're never getting out of this place, you're too tempting.. I can feel your fear! The adrenaline in that body of yours, the sensation and thickness of your blood, flowing through your veins.' He groaned, he almost sounded desperate, sincere. 'I want you. I want to taste you, to feel you and guess what?' I let out a cry of pain as he trailed his finger down the side of my neck, softly oozing warm blood. 'It's all your fault. You kept coming to me, your curiosity got the better of you, and now..' He let out a gentle moan as he glided his tongue up my open wound. 'You're dead.'
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I love it !!! Exspecially what he says to her at the end  !!! Update soon please !:)?

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