Death, Danger, Desire (ON HOLD) [EDITING!]

Kale Embers is one of the best agents in the CIA. He's just successfully completed his last assignment and is looking to relax for a while. However, the CIA have different plans. They want Kale to go deep undercover as a criminal in the world's most brutal prison - Terminal Island. But this is no ordinary prison, this prison hosts the new internet craze called the "Death Challenge" where the inmates are forced to take part in a series of games in order to seek freedom. Join Kale as he tackles his most challenging misson ever on Terminal Island - the home of death, danger and desire... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inspired by the "Death Race" and "Fast and Furious" films.
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Haha, he is so totally a James Bond player!
Hmm, I wonder what will happen in the next chapter to make him change his mind...
Great chapter! The mission sounds deadly but I think he'll take it. And OMG! I love Hugh Jackman! ;) Add more soon please Krishee!

Miracle xx
For a sec. there I thought that she was going to try to kil him!!!! ajaja Keep the chapters comming :D

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