The Black Heart Assassins (ON HOLD) [EDITING!]

Kristina Everson. She's a half Mexican, half American seventeen year old who is aspiring to be a model. So what happens when Kristina's kidnapped by the notorious "Black Heart Assassins"? And how will she cope when they turn out to be four hot guys?
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please please ,...i peg u 100 times  to please update ur story cuz ur story is so story ever......cant wait for the next chapter....
when are u going to update cuz I cant wait anymore.......I'm so addicted to your is so amazing........
this book is so awesome....can't wait for the next chpt....please 
please update soon...........
This book is awesome! Please, please, please, please, please,pllllleeeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee continue!
hello again.... just checking in, are your ever going to update? You had such a great beginning, the hooks set, please continue:)
are you ever gonna work on this and other stories of yours cuz if your not i want to delete them from my Library

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