Jo Goes To Paris

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Dumped by her boyfriend, unemployed, middle-aged and chocolate addict. That is Johanna's current situation. To turn the situation around, she decided to go to Paris with her best friend, a dream she had always had. Little did she know that the beautiful city held many surprises for her...

- Edited by Steven Clapp
I don't know what it is about because I just stat to read it
I would try substituting "she" for her actual name because it is repeated quite a lot
Lesson one in insulting women: Insult their fashion sense and compare it to an animal
well that's a good super story.. if it is a food I Will say scrumptious and delicious
Love this story so far I've always wanted to go Paris and I finally have the money to go for a whole month cant wait to go
He is being soooooo rude why did he call you that he is a ding dong:|