Jo Goes To Paris

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Sissa By SissaRomanova Completed
Dumped by her boyfriend, unemployed, middle-aged and chocolate addict. That is Johanna's current situation. To turn the situation around, she decided to go to Paris with her best friend, a dream she had always had. Little did she know that the beautiful city held many surprises for her...
    - Edited by Steven Clapp
A little intense language, some spelling mistakes, though otherwise good! So expressive,  I can't wait to read more!
Yup not me cuz I could never conquers a man's heart by the way I talk  .
its my dream to go to Paris as well. I hope to go before the year is over. loving the book thus far.
It's not that easy getting a new job! I understand what she's going through!
I swear everyone has that horrible boss that they hate lol!!
They made a mistake instead of she put the ice cream they wrote she put she ice cream