Jo Goes To Paris

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Sissa By Sissa Completed
Dumped by her boyfriend, unemployed, middle-aged and chocolate addict. That is Johanna's current situation. To turn the situation around, she decided to go to Paris with her best friend, a dream she had always had. Little did she know that the beautiful city held many surprises for her...

- Edited by Steven Clapp
This book is great! Well written, I only found one spelling error! Paris is a lovely city!
Omg that chapter was amazing the first page it was already good 
Never read it yet but always wanted to go to Paris so gonna read it lol ✌️
This story is amazing! It's also very cool, my name is Johanna, I have hazel eyes, and I have loved Paris ever since I was little. I'm very excited to see what comes next :)
That was a pleasant and well written read, i think I am going to enjoy this.
Even I wonder what's coming next!
It's great that she stood up!
reading ahead. :)