The Truth of Jane, The Witch Twin

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Casey By slytheringal Updated 3 years ago
When a person thinks of Jane in the Twilight Saga, they think cold, cruel, witch twin, and weapon of the Volturi. In this story, I shed a light on a different and untold side of Jane and her life. Taking place shortly after Breaking Dawn, this is about the rebellious Jane, a Jane that hates who the Volturi has made her and wishes for an escape. What will Jane do when she is given the perfect chance to see refuge and start again? Will others see her for who she really is and except this new Jane or will their eyes be clouded with her past actions? And what if when she runs across the LaPush werewolves, she finds something she has never truly felt? Love.
I havent read one single word but thw description.. 
                                    I adore the idea since I already have a thing for the character.. gna start reading and update my review
I like the beginning, but the end of the first page; last paragraph, is very cluttered. You have two continued dialogue by the same person, but you added too much after the second dialogue; it should be a separate paragraph.
I don't read fan fiction but this was quite good and well written. :) Your descriptions are quite good too.
Very good for a fan fic.  I normally dont find them that good as they stray from the original text or character too much.
I think this is really creative, i don't like twilight but i've always liked jane she's so different, i guess it's her charisma? not sure, anyways this was a good take on her character it shows who she is but with a twist
-First off, no matter how many people hates Twilight, I actually kind of, like it.
                                    -Second, I've never come across any FanFiction about Jane before so this kind of makes it unique (For me, of course.)
                                    -Third.. I simply love it :D
                                    Keep writing. Keep me inspired. Voted, Liked :D