Zombies Mixed With MCR? (Editing)

Nevaeh Dailey was normal. She had a family. She had friends. She had a life. That was before the attack at school. That was before the streets of England started to empty of the living. That was before the dead started to wake from their eternal slumber, before they started to turn on the race to which they once belonged. Nevaeh now finds herself running, not only from the monsters that were once human, but from the memories she wishes to leave behind. But as she scours the now deserted country, with a few desperate friends in tow, Nevaeh runs straight into four men that belonged to her old life, a life she no longer wishes to be apart of. Will she and her companions survive? Everything rests Nevaeh's shoulders. A reckless teenager with a new thirst for violence.
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I read this before I got an account. I'm gonna read it again cause I loved it so much
Lilly:Yeah! They're totally calm."

Nevaeh (whisper): "okay, whatever makes you sleep at night."
Holy crap if this is a zombie story involving my chemical romance, he people in the band thought out the whole book I'll be so happy!
Okay.....wow, that ending punched me right in the heart and i think you broke my feels. It hurts so good though!
I have to read this again! I've already read to the end and I was flooding with tears, well done!
Yummy,  I love the sound of slurpee bleeding wounds.
great story so far. Looks like you have a great read going.

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