Pocky and Anime [boyxboy] (On Hold Due to Severe Writers Block)

Join Japanese candy crazed Skylar and the slowest guy I have ever met Xander on their adventure of boy love. That's if Xander doesn't screw it up first. Xander: Hey! Me: It's true. Anyway, join in on homophobic Jason, Skylar's best bud Akuma, his girlfriend Hanna, the cuddly little puppy-like boy Ryan, Drake the porn-obsessed dude and Jack! Who's just a plain idiot :D Jack: Offended! Everyone: Good! Skylar: Where's that metal bat....
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why all time low, no offence but I'm sick of it. my friend ALWAYS plays it. a part from that I like the story
I am so much like Skyler you don't even know...... (from what I've read) Except that I am a lesbian....
OMG POCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've only had chocolate and strawberry flavor :( I MUST TRY THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a little confusing, but I enjoyed the first chapter. :3 It's a fairly good story so far.
Dude I just started to read your book...love it, also I would say that I like skylar the best he just sounds so aspearagus

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