Her Death, His Love

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He watched as the haunted light in her eyes dimmed. He stood there helpless as he watched her delicate body fall. He watched as the rosiness in her face was stolen.  She was there one day gone the next. He watched as the crimson stained her clothes, tainting her purity. He watched as her knees hit the ground in a deafening bang. He watched as he faltered forward drowning in her pool of blood.  The wind oozed from northward. It surpassed him but he was stuck. He was stuck in the past and he heard her voice calling. He stretched for her but all he clutched was the empty air. He never meant for this to happen. He never meant for the one he loved to die all because of him. ( Slow Updates due to school. Sorry) ( Sorry for the mistakes but it is being edited)
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Wow, really dark and intriguing about how she lost her life! Great descriptions and flow Andy :) I'm going to keep reading for sure.
Ahhhh! Your very welcome! Umm, he's good he just moved so hes adjusting right now. I havent been able to talk to him and Im lonely and sad cuz I miss him terribly..  I dont really know HOW he is cuz of the havent talked to him this week
Ive starter wondering what he,did to.make her feel like it wasnt worth it anymore? Keep going... This seems like what Love Boy would do if I ever committed suicide...  :-(
Omg Andy!¡! Update soon please this looks so good Im excited to read chapter 1...