In the Tears of My Saints

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foreverhidion3 By foreverhidion3 Updated 2 years ago
“I cry. That’s all. And as I cry, the tears fall from my heart and change the world around me. They take pain, they take fear, they take horror and they destroy them. They gather up the bodies and blood, carrying them away toward the pit, flinging them out into eternity. They change my world. They give me peace, they put back together my sanity, they save my soul, and in their gentle arms, I die.”
eternity123 eternity123 3 years ago
I read this book and I enjoyed it very much, but I got a bit confused toward the end. Is he able to see ghosts or is he dead to?
vballchick2 vballchick2 3 years ago
VERY well written, your stories are great and it flows well also! It's hard to find good writers on Wattpad. . . so keep it up! :)