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halowazzupman By halowazzupman Updated 3 years ago
The land is barren, and most of the water has dried up. No one knows how it happened, but all who still have hope, hope for only one thing. Mew. Drake is among them, and is starting his Pokemon journey. He wants to bring back Mew, but waking up Mew without causing the chaos of bringing back Darkrai and Giratina looks almost impossible. Almost is the only word Drake needs.
KageKnochi KageKnochi 8 months ago
please update,I've been waiting for around two years for this to update
FanFictionsOnly FanFictionsOnly 3 years ago
Sounds good so far I'll be sure to read on, and put the story in my library!
Ilovetoread72 Ilovetoread72 4 years ago
@halowazzupman Zzzzt... Zzzzt... HURRAH! THE FIRST DIGLETT HAS LANDED ON THE MOON! 'A huge step for poke-kind, and a small burrow for dig-kind...'
Ilovetoread72 Ilovetoread72 4 years ago
Really good! And I think this is one of the first digletts on wattpad!
Ilovetoread72 Ilovetoread72 4 years ago
@halowazzupman Hmm... YAY ANOTHER ABSOL!!! :D You should read my 'The Shadows of Dusk', it's got an absol in a big part as well. :D
Ilovetoread72 Ilovetoread72 4 years ago
@halowazzupman THANK GOODNESS!!! If I see one more Drake, the Dragon Trainer on wattpad I'll literally faint. :D