Girly Little Secret

Matt Tailor: The mere mention of the name would make any girl in East Fort, North Carolina, swoon. - Sabrina Bryre: The mere mention of the name would leave people thinking, "Wait- who is she again?" - Of course, Matt is the county womanizer; he's your typical player. - Sabrina, on the other hand, is probably one of the most unknown girls in the county; she's your typical nerd. - One day, Matt is paid to seduce Sabrina. Have I mentioned she hates his guts? So when he tries hitting on her, that doesn't sit well with her. So, Sabrina did what any other girl would have done: She turns Matt Tailor into a girl. Wait-what?!
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She did a spell type thing. She switched her mind with Matts.
wait is she Matt or is she still Sabrina cuz then there will be two sabrinas , I'm confused ???
this reminds me of beastly ( alex pettyer ) except he turns into a girl
- Deaaaaad -
It reminds me of the movie "It's a boy girl thing" I loved that movie.
looooooooooool. the beginning is soo funny, i bet matt is gonna regret hitting on sabrina. for life.
*****Sorry for how long it took me to comment :/ I had dinner :D Anyway I love the story and as cheezy as it sounds I don't have anything to fix on it :/ I think it's a good concept and well written :D*****

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