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when Aria and her friend Lizzy move to miami from hollywood after a transfer they are caugth up in all sorts of trouble. this is the second book in the lakewood high series. the last book showed lizzy's time at lakewood high, this one is all about Aria. a lot of new characters and and a truckload of drama await you. **************************************************** meet Aria Liberty St Brides she is an actress/singer who is internationally famous. Aria has secret she has told no-one, not even lizzy. she was adopted and her parents are there to protect her, she is really the missing princess of sweden. recently her and her friend moved to miami from hollywood. she has little experience of high school life and so far she thinks it is a zoo. but then the crown prince of denmark shows up but no-one, not even the principle, knows who he really is. the group who say they are his brothers and cousins are really his bodygaurds and his so called parents are actually his cook and butler. he wants to experience the life of a normal teenager and the only way he can do that is by pretending to be someone he isnt. what happens when he meets aria? he gets a feeling that she's hiding some thing, thats what. but as he gets to know her he discovers a dangerous threat to both thier safety. can aria trust him enough to reveal her past to him or will it remain hidden untill she can return to her home?
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:DDDDD Thank you for dedicaitng this to me! I read the story so far! It seems really good! >//<

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