Let Me Out (Sequel to Let Me In) - ON HOLD-

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EXAMS SUCK By naughtysouls Updated 3 months ago
When Harry failed in turning August, they move to Doncaster. She then suddenly meets an old friend, who has changed dramatically over the years she hasn't seen him. But what happens when he and his friends meet Harry and decide to let the couple move into their house? Will August be able to handle what happens inside?
The spaces between us keep getting deeper it's harder to reach her
ok im confused she is a vampire correct? or am i just insane
Is it always winter there. Like dam.n even in the last book there was always fuc.king snow
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Okay I read let me in and I'm still confused. Did he change her or did he almost kill her?
i think that since he changed her (i think) she is still a little weak
But there acting like he didn't change her lol idk anymore if she's a vampire or not