My Secret Mystery Man

Katie has been friends with her childhood best friend Maggie since they were toddlers. Maggie has an older brother named Cameron. He's the too good looking bad boy hot shot that basically runs the entire school. Despite being the biggest jerk the world has ever seen and also the biggest player, Katie can't help but feel utterly attracted to him. Unfortunately for Katie, Maggie hates her brother with a passion and threatens that if anything were to happen between the two of them that Maggie and her would be over. Will Katie be able to keep her attraction for Cameron a secret? Or will she loose everything including herself when Cameron starts taking an interest in her? warning! this story has sexual themes and explicit language throughout if you are easily offended by these, then please do not continue reading.
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uh who wears mini skirts nowadays, hahaha nobody but attention seekers lmao;) for real tho!!!
Whats dense about that? Its their cheer routine, its what they do and are supposed to
I LOVED your story it was awesome!!! The description was amazing ( if you know what I mean) and the characters had a real funny twist about them.
"BE-AGGRESSIVE! BE-BE-AGGRESSIVE!" omfg that's from "Fired Up" I love that movie! best cheerleading movie of all time.
This book is already amazing and it's got me hooked! I am already in love with all of its characters too!
I love how Cam is like "But soon you'll be begging for it..." 
What a kinky hot-jerk!...

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